Paint-Your-Own SPARROWS - set of three to decorate yourself :D

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A set of three of my Sparrow model coated with a clear water based weather sealer and sanded smooth, ready for your little artists to personalize with crayons, ink pens, markers or any kid friendly paints (not included). This is a great item for family doings, birthday parties, classroom or other group projects and can be incorporated with a lesson on aerodynamic flight. Smart! :) These are all good returning boomerangs. Responsible supervision is recommended. Material - 4mm 3-ply European Birch Plywood. Tip to tip length - 10.5 inches. Range - 10 to 20 yards, depending on the thrower. Price - $24.00 for three ready to paint boomerangs.

      Place an order by emailing me and I'll send you a convenient Paypal invoice (you don't need a Paypal account) or click "Buy Now" for instant purchase. Just tell me how many you want and include a shipping address. At this time, U.S. orders only.


12 PYO Sparrows for $85.00

24 PYO Sparrows for $150.00

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