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      Hello Everyone,

Yes, we are official with the Beach Boom this year as things were delayed a bit with our small town of Hermosa Beach. We are scheduled for the 20th and 21st of March which has always been a great weather weekend for us. As usual we will do an all Head-to-Head style of tournament which means everyone will throw a LOT! I've been nursing a knee issue so I may not be able to do every event but it will still be great to see everyone again.

The 3nd annual National Beach Boomerang Championships and Expo will be held once again in beautiful Hermosa Beach, California.

This tournament is all Head-To-Head and will be held entirely on the beach. We will do MTA, Trick Catch, Fast Catch, Accuracy and Australian Round (possibly adding Endurance and rolling a couple events to Sunday if needed, TBA). Each event is a mini double-elimination tournament that has a winner's and loser's bracket. One of the biggest differences in this style of tournament is that you get many more throwing rounds compared to a Regular Events style tournament. This is a great early season tournament to get the arm in shape. And for most of you a chance to get out of the cold and enjoy throwing boomerangs on the beach. The Bulk of the tournament will be on Saturday with an enhanced awards ceremony following the day's festivities. Sunday we will be teaching the public, playing Gel games, GLORP, and the boom-surf-challenge! What is the boom surf challenge? While in the ocean you throw your boom then body-surf a wave and catch the boom! The tournament will be followed by an award ceremony at a nice sports bar in nearby walking distance of the venue.

The tournament will begin on Saturday , March 20th. The bulk of the event will take place on this day. The location of this year's field will be 200 yards from the pier, the most happening spot in all of Hermosa! Lots of great restaurants and night clubs are all around and in easy walking distance and there's also a nice little park with benches a few feet away and in direct view of the games. A splendid time is guaranteed for all!!! See you on the sand! :)

The game events will be as follow:

H2H MTA: Each round will be a best of three competition (except the final round which will be best of five). Each throwing pair will throw on "Go" of a Ready-Set-Go cadence. To insure as close to a simultaneous release as possible the thrower who's not saying the cadence needs to keep the other in his/ her field of vision. Throwers must alternate who says the cadence. Who ever catches last wins that round no timers needed. Winners and losers from each round advance as per the tournament bracket. H2H Fast Catch: Each round will be a best of three competition (except the final round which will be best of five). The throwing field will consist of a normal 2m and 20m meter radius circles with a second 2m circle placed 6m downwind from outer edge of the master 2m circle (a tether is provided to establish the 6m). Throwers must alternate circles with each consecutive round. In the event of an errant throw YOU MAY NOT ENTER the other throwers circle to make a catch. First thrower to make five catches wins each round. Boomerangs will be range-checked prior to the start of the first round. Range throws must be made from the middle of the center circle. Two sets to throwing pairs will be assigned per circle. One pair will throw and the other pair will be the starter/judge. Each round will begin with a Ready-Set-Go and end when one thrower touches any part of his/her circle after making five catches (standard Fast-Catch rules apply). Winners and losers from each round advance as per the tournament bracket. H2H Trick Catch: Each pair will compete in one round of single Trick Catch (throwing suicide) most points wins (self judging). In the case of perfect rounds each thrower will repeat the round in opposite order in a sudden death format. Boomerangs will be range checked prior to the start of the first round and each group can position themselves on the field as they see fit (with an objective to be visible to the spectators). The semi-final and final rounds will consist of singling and doubling. Throwing pairs will make each throw in consecutive order alternating throws. Winners and losers from each round advance as per the tournament bracket. H2H Speed Accuracy: Each pair will throw "at-will" until one thrower reaches 50 points. Throws can be made from anywhere inside the 4m radius circle (8 point ring). In the event a returning boomerang hits any thrower prior to coming to rest, 10 points will be deducted from the person’s score who was hit and the thrower will score an automatic 10. If you are hit by your own boomerang you get a 10 point deduction only. In the event that each thrower has just one throw remaining to make 50 points AND both boomerangs are in the air prior to one landing the boomerang with the highest total score will win the round not necessarily the boomerang that landed first. Two throwing pairs will occupy each circle with one group judging and one group throwing. Each judge will watch one throwers boomerang and determine the score per throw as quickly as possible. Thrower and or judge should announce the total score prior to each throw. H2H Aussie Round: Total throwers at the tournament will be split in to two groups of even and odd seeded throwers. Even seeded throwers will comprise Group-One and odd seeded throwers will comprise Group-Two. Group-One will throw first while Group-2 range spots. Throwing pairs will be established for both groups. Group-One will conduct a mini double elimination tournament (bracket provided) until one thrower remains. The pairs will throw tandem style for each round. Each round will consist of three throws per pair. In the event of a tie score after three rounds a sudden death round will be added. Pairings will be reestablished as determined by the bracket until one person is the winner of Group One. At this time the groups will switch and Group-Two will do the same until one winner remains for Group-Two. The group winners will then throw in tandem a standard five throw Aussie Round competition.

Stay Rad,
Morri Mohr

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