This page is mainly for boomerang-related websites . You may find a few miscellaneous links that I'd like to share with you. They'll be listed last. Enjoy! :)


Home Page
My Catalog
My Ebays
My YouTubes
How To Make Your Own
Anderson Intl. Trading (fine plywood)
Boomerang Evolution (France - slick modern boomerang products by Seb Guiheux)
Boomerang Planet (another boomerang market place by pro veteran thrower Seb - wonderful selection! :)
Boomerangs By Vic (Outstanding NEW designer! Welcome Vic! :)
Boomerang Passion (most excellent information portal by Olivier Duffez)
B.P. Plan Database (pick a plan, any plan :)
Tibor Horvath's BOOMERANG NEWS Portal (Boomerang e-forum central!)
Flying Frog Boomerangs
Kendall Davis Boomerangs (master boomerang maker/designer)
Hole In The Head Gang Boomerangs (The Fabulous Richard and Daniel Bower)
Bum Rangs (Mark Leggs NEW website. Wonderful products)
Rocky Mountain Throwers (Colorado boom club and newsletter archives)
The British Boomerang Society (great exclusive articles/lessons,very well illustrated)
Leading Edge Boomerangs (Chet Snouffer, multiple World Champion and co-founder of the USBA)
Boomerang Association of Australia (BAA)
USBA Competition Rules
United States Boomerang Association (USBA)
Boomerangs.TV (boomerang competition media resources and more!)
Ted Baileys Boomerang World (excellent)
Crazy Boomerang Productions (Pierre Kuteks wonderful collection of boom info and resources)
Pierres boomplan database (its mighty big!)
L'Ami Boom - english translate (France - features over 100 boomerang videos!)
Art Boomerang Club (France - english version)
Ricardo Marx Bumerangue (Brazil)
The Boomerang Webring (many sites)
B Aggressive Long Distance Booms (LDs)
David Hendricks (a foremost member of the worldwide boomerang community. One of the very first boomerang websites ever created!)
Using a Router for Boombuilding (instructions for aspiring mass producers)
Boomerangs.Org (introduction to the world of boomerangs!)
Google Earth (find a place on earth to throw! :)
Greg Courtneys Boomcrafting Photolessons
Mothers Against Boomerangs (a defunct boomerang club)
Gel Boomerangs
Grahams Boomerangs
Aboriginal Steves Page
Gunter Mollers Tapir Gallery (beautiful art booms)
A. S. Craigs Art Boomerangs (feast your eyes)
Pat Steigmans Boom Bag (impressive)
Davro Boomerangs (Scotland - Lovely!)
Klaus Dieters Bumerangfibel
Colorado Boomerangs
Boomerang Man (over 60 models from various makers) (what more need I say?)
Desert Enterprizes(a talented group from Arizona, USA)
WIGWAM (from France. 31 designs)
Bumerang Welt Archive (Gerhard Bertlings fabulous publication)
Boomerang Plan Database
Wirudgerie Didgeridoos ( australian aboriginal-made art products)
Dansk Boomerangklub (scroll left corner for english)
Boomerang Poetry Page
Ted Baileys Boom Auction
History Of Boomerangs(from Dietmar Reinigs Rediboom site)
Robert Burwell (one of the greatest boomerangers of all time!)
Duncan MacLennans Boomerang School (Australia)
Gary Broadbent
John Cryderman
Georgi Dimantchev (Bulgaria)
Boomerang Talk (E-mail group)
Boomerangchat (E-mail group)
Realworkingboomerangs (E-mail group)
Language Translator (for those hard to read pages)
Astrodienst (REAL Astrology - unsurpassed)
Star IQs Planet Pulse (daily astrology audio)

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