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I ship all of my products via USPS Priority Mail for one flat fee of $5.00, regardless of quantity ordered. I'm also offering a FREE SHIPPING special for one model only - RAD TRAD, my most popular selling boomerang and one of my very own favorites. The special offer is not available for Alaska and Hawaii.
At this time, all items are shipped to USA residents only. International orders may be available through other vendors in the near future, I'll be sure to let you know when this occurs :)

SPARROW - Designed for smaller hands age 5 and up. 3-ply 4mm Birch Plywood

AMERIFUN - Low cost easy throw traditional wood boomerang. Age 9 and up. 5-ply 5mm Birch Plywood.

RAD TRAD - Light weight traditional style, easy to handle and fun for all. 5-ply 5mm Birch Plywood. Special FREE SHIPPING offer for this item!

BLUEJAY - Smaller middle sized omega vee. Fun for beginners to experts. A good performer. 5-ply 5mm Birch Plywood

ASBRU - Larger yet light weight, wide-angled omega shape. Recommended for experienced throwers. 5-ply 5mm Birch Plywood

SHH'BOOM - Average sized beginner/intermediate boom. Fun for age 10 and up. Easy throw, enjoyed by all levels of skill. Recommended best value. 5mm 10-ply Finland Aircraft Grade Birch

ANGEL'S FLIGHT - Shh'boom's big brother in its original 6mm 5-ply Birch. For bigger arms and experienced throwers.

PACKAGE DEAL - Special Offer! Get these three together and save bucks! :)

PYO SPARROWS - Set of three clear-coated Sparrows to decorate any way you like. 3-ply 4mm Birch Plywood

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