ANGEL'S FLIGHT - Large vee omega style boomerang, adults/experienced throwers

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This is the original larger version of Shh'boom made from its original 5-ply 6mm Birch plywood material. It needs more arm power than other boomerangs and has more range, so I recommend it for experienced throwers and responsible adults. It has been well received in the past so I've decided to keep it available for those who might want one. Some folks like em bigger. This is a RIGHT HANDED boomerang. I make left handed models only on special request. Tip to tip length - 14.75 inches. Flight range - 45 yards. Price - $28.00

      Place an order by emailing me and I'll send you a convenient Paypal invoice (you don't need a Paypal account) or click "Buy Now" for instant purchase. Just tell me how many you'd like and include a shipping address. At this time, U.S. orders only.

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