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YES - they DO come back! I guarantee it.


I've been making and throwing boomerangs for over 25 years and am producing some of my most practical designs. Made from fine Birch plywood, each boomerang is hand crafted and tested by me personally. Complete and easy instructions are included with every purchase. I hope you'll enjoy throwing these boomerangs as much as I enjoy making them. Responsible adult supervision is recommended for younger throwers.

Hi Everyone! :)

Check out the newest short film production by award winning director Michael Chaves, who used my Rad Trad as the main character's weapon of choice in this futuristic action thriller! Thanks Michael!! :D Let us be clear that, while the special effects in this amazing sci-fi drama are incredibly awesome, the boomerangs I make are not weapons at all, and they are not to be used as such. They are just good fun toys that will bring you hours and hours of enjoyment and healthy exercise. Play safe and always be sure to read my safety instructions before ever throwing any of mine or anyone's boomerangs. You can see Michael's new movie here. Moomba! :)

John Villagrana


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Notes: Wear UV rated eye protection when using boomerangs. I can't be responsible for injury or property damage, accidental or otherwise, due to misuse, carelessness or poor judgement. I normally stock right hand boomerangs only and ship left handed boomerangs by email request only.

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